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Her Only Regret

The blurred line between love and hate . . .

When the body of a young woman is found at a popular island party spot, in what appears to be an accidental drowning, homicide detective Maggie Novak knows her weekend is about to get interesting …

In the eyes of her parents, Christie Coleman is a good girl. But her siblings know her better. Christie has dark secrets and a string of boyfriends with shady pasts. And now her family must face the real possibility that Christie’s murder is the result of her dallying with danger one too many times.

As Maggie digs deeper into Christie’s private life, she soon learns that the brightest sunlight casts the darkest shadows. The killer is trying to cover his tracks and send Maggie’s investigation crashing into a dead end. She knows it’s only a matter of time before another innocent party falls victim, blowing her case wide open.

Can Maggie catch Christie’s killer before he erases the evidence and escapes justice?

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