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Just out: thriller 'KILLING HOPE' ...

‘If you could save a million lives by taking one … would you?’

Acclaimed for its unexpected twists and turns, fantastic settings and plethora of colorful characters, this fast-paced page-turner is ‘unputdownable’ and will have you baying for more …

‘Killing Hope’ – my long-awaited crime thriller featuring Gabriel Quinn as the dogged LAPD Homicide Detective – is now available for the Kindle and other e-formats.


The novel follows Gabe’s pursuit of a serial killer whose victims seem unrelated, connected only by a shocking modus operandi and the promise of more to come.

Still raw from a personal tragedy, Gabe faces the toughest week of his career so far as he is pulled from one crime scene to the next, collecting a strange assorment of clues as he goes.

Spanning two locations – Los Angeles and Las Vegas – the gritty story encompasses the extremes of both urban settings; from the affluent Hollywood Hills to the seedy backstreet motels.

Then there’s the final, breathtaking twist at the conclusion of Gabe’s rollercoaster ride – a jaw-dropping revelation that sees our hero question everything he thought he knew, even himself.

Check out the Preview of ‘Kiling Hope’ on or or synopsys

Praise for ‘Killing Hope’ by those in the know … my readers:

“Amazing book!!!”– December 13, 2011 By J. Phillips

I agree with all the other reviews…this book was absolutely FANTASTIC and I LOVED every second of it!!! I had an extremely hard time putting this book down but since I have the Kindle app on my phone, I was able to sneak in as much reading as possible wherever I went.

I also fell in love with Gabe’s character right away. There were so many twists and turns in this book. The ending especially blew me away and had my head spinning! I read a lot of crime thrillers so I usually figure out a good bit of what will happen and how things will turn out. But with this book I had no idea what would happen from one page to the next and I was downright shocked all the way to the end. There were certain points where I just couldn’t believe what was happening! The way the clues were laid out had me dying to know how everything would come together. I also really loved the style of writing that another reviewer referred to as movie-like.

A lot of crime thrillers are good but forgettable…I will not soon forget “Killing Hope!” I can’t wait for the next book! It can’t come soon enough!!!

“Fast Paced, hard to put down” – 29 Nov 2011 By Mike Gibbons

Killing Hope, I am not a crime drama book kinda of a guy but a friend recommended the book to me. I have spent the last three days engrossed in the story. Within the first several chapters you begin to like Gabe, rough, worn down by his past. So many times I thought a had something figured out, and then bam…totally wrong. The characters you meet in the book, some you love and some you HATE kinda bounce around in your head like old friends. No spoilers, but the ending will completely stun you. I completely recommend this book to any fan of crime drama and even to you that like me are not a big fan of criminal drama.

“Gripping!” – 27 Nov 2011

I never usually write a review but I was so enthrawled by this book that I just had to!
Killing Hope is a gripping story that has you hooked within the first few pages, Couldnt put it down! A must read!!!

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To get this acclaimed thriller immediately, just type Killing Hope into your Kindle search bar and enjoy!


Sales of sci-fi epic 'Uth' rocketing ...

My science fiction adventure epic ‘Uth’ is selling extremely fast in eBook format through various reputable online channels, including Amazon, iBooks, B&N, Lulu and Smashwords.

To download your copy of this sci-fi classic for the Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Nook or other e-readers, check out the Where to Buy link at the top of this page – or just type Uth into your e-reader sear bar and enjoy!


Special Covert Operative Damon Grask is on the run from his ex-employers – Alien Interventions – a secret service, set up to control emerging civilisations throughout Glomerate Space.
Believing them responsible for the death of his wife, Grask is coerced out of his unofficial retirement for one final mission:
A vast alien artefact has been discovered on the galactic rim – believed to be the original birthplace of Mankind. A previous reconnaissance mission has resulted in failure. Another mission is now needed to rescue survivors and return the alien habitat’s dark secrets back for analysis.
And the lure to induce Grask’s co-operation? … The incredible news that his wife is actually still alive and is one of the stranded survivors.
Now, together with an unlikely team of Operatives, Grask must embark upon a deadly mission fraught with danger, intrigue and personal discovery if he ever hopes to see his wife alive again …

Praise for ‘Uth’ by those in the know … my readers:

“Leaves itself open for a sequel” – December 3, 2011
By A. Burbank “idiopathicone” (Waltham, MA United States)

Quite a good story. Witty dialog, interesting characters, and “lost civilization” adventure keep the plot moving along briskly. The plot twists are handled smartly and it has a satisfying (if not storybook) ending. This is ideal reading for sci-fi fans looking for something familiar to read from a new author.

“Great Far Future Sci FI reminiscent of Ian M. Banks and Niven” – December 2, 2011 By A. Gold (Irvington, NY)

I really enjoyed this world and welcome the introduction of a sentient talking cat to the world of Sci-FI! This novel draws heavily from Larry Niven’s Ringworld, with its extensive descriptions of man-made habitats of awesome scale. There are also great similarities in to Banks’ “Culture” novels, with both based in a far-future human civilization with characters drawn from a pan-galactic spy agency. But where the Culture novels feature artificial intelligence, the only AI in UTH is the agency itself-Alieen Interventions! Instead, UTH introduces sentient animals that are the product do gene-manipulation. Rin, the smart-assed talking cat, is hilarious. I look forward to future works exploring the moral and practical issues raised by elevating our erstwhile-pets to sentience. Such issues provided a remote backdrop to UTH, but no deep exploration of the issues ever gets off the ground. That is fine, however, as the story and characters are captivating enough.

“Rin Rules!” – October 5, 2011
By Mermaid

Uth is an engaging easy read. The author’s descriptions of the ‘other worlds’ are hypnotyic. His characterization is fabulous. The dialogue is sharp and witty, especially the banter between the protagonist (Grask) and his antagonist (Rin). The story is well worked out, with a pace and plot that draws you from one page to the next, which is the skill of a good writer. Uth is a big novel, covering grand panoramas and even grander ideas. But the author works hard to keep your attention focused. There are plenty of action sequences, separated by thought-provoking journeys. And the twist at the end was the icing on the cake for me. All in all I think anyone who wants a bit of sci-fi escapism in the traditions of Larry Niven and Iain M. Banks will appreciate Uth for the great read that it is.

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To get this future classic immediately, just type Uth into your Kindle search bar and enjoy!


Keith 🙂