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The Four Kindleers

History was made this week when four of the rising stars of the Brit Indie thriller writing scene joined forces to hatch out plans for word domination over faux Pimms and Eaton mess at The Clarence Pub on Whitehall, London.

Those nice folks from Audible ACX were in town, all the way from New Jersey, to discuss the burgeoning audiobook market, the business of audiobooks and to hear feedback from those UK authors who had already jumped in with both feet and converted their eBooks to audio format. How did we find their service? Was the process of creating an audiobook uncomplicated and fun? What was it like auditioning voice actors to narrate our novels? Is there anything we can do better? They were joined by their UK Audible counterparts, plus representatives from the UK Kindle Direct Publishing Team.

Invitees were asked to bring along a fellow author to keep them company and to help eat all the food on offer. I brought John Paul Davis – author of The Templar Agenda – and together we met up with David Leadbeater – author of the Matt Drake Thriller series – plus his guest Alan McDermott – author of the Tom Gray series.

The luncheon lasted a good three hours, giving everyone in attendance plenty of time to put faces to names and to discuss personal experiences using the Audiobook Creation Exchange. As I’d already discovered with my previous dealings with the lovely KDP Team, the folks from Audible were equally amiable and completely supportive of our positions as Indie Authors. This is the absolute best thing about working with Amazon: they are a pleasure to deal with, they listen, they are genuinely interested in you as a writer, and they are anything but snooty.

Since my first foray into the audiobook market has apparently done well, I was asked to speak about my experience using ACX and the ways in which I’d promoted my creation. Nerves aside, it was great to share and to hopefully get other Indie Authors on board with the brilliant ACX program.

All in all, it was a real pleasure meeting some of my fellow writers, together with the ACX Teams from both sides of the Atlantic. We had a fantastic time and I can’t wait until we do it all again!

Thank you KDP and Audible for all your support and for the invite!

The Four Kindleers – Dave Leadbeater, John Paul Davis, Alan McDermott and Me.

To learn more about the various Amazon Publishing platforms, please go here:

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)  |  Audible’s Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX)


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