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Learn To Be Still

Film Drama Script | 3 Acts | 2 Hours Running Time | English

‘After a life-changing accident, a hard-sell city exec learns his lessons from the other side of the tracks …’

In the high-pressure world of stocks and shares, Daniel Hennessey is on a deadline. Working as Operations Manager for one of New York City’s biggest construction companies is demanding – both in the workplace and at home. Nothing can stand in the way of increasing company profit … not even people.

Sold to the notion of corporate America and loving every minute of the high-power prestige, Daniel is willing to trade everything he owns in order to win his coveted promotion to co-Director – even if that means sacrificing his marriage along the way.

It’s full steam ahead for the no-nonsense exec … until one fateful evening when he is involved in a hit-and-run accident, changing his life in a heartbeat.

Now, dropped from the top of the food chain, and faced with an uncertain future, Daniel must deal with the reality of his predicament in a world governed by greed, selfishness and ridicule – a world where once he was king – if he ever hopes to survive …

Setting: New York City and State

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