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Master Of All Matter

‘Master Of All Matter’ is a spec script for the BBC TV show ‘Doctor Who’

TV Spec Script | 52 Scenes | 1 Hour Running Time:  | English


The Doctor returns to Gallifrey during its final moments before being vaporised at the end of the Time War – where he must answer to his apparent crimes against the Time Lords by a reincarnated Rassilon – the legendary founder of the Time Lord society.

Unbeknownst to The Doctor, Rassilon is actually his arch enemy, The Master, regenerated in an exact simulacrum of The Doctor’s own body.

Tricking The Doctor into submission, The Master steals the TARDIS, and with it access to the all-powerful Eye of Harmony, giving him control over Space and Time.

Returning to the eve of the Dalek creation on Skaro, The Master intends to steal a genetic code that will enslave every Dalek throughout the aeons.

With the help of a Dalek scientist and a makeshift Tardis, The Doctor faces a race against Time and Space to stop The Master gaining control over the Daleks and becoming the one and only true Master of all Matter ….

Setting: The Present, Future and Past (The TARDIS, Gallifrey and Skaro)

Please email for more information about ‘Master Of All Matter’ or to request TV Optioning Rights … with the subject DrWho.

Copyright Note:
The Characters of Dr Who, The Master and Rassilon, together with all Dr Who references such as the Tardis and Gallifrey,
were created for and are copyright of the BBC and its respective creative partners.
Master Of All Matter is purely a non-commercial speculative script for demonstration purposes and in no way intends any breach of said copyrights whatsoever.

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