Who am I ?

Firstly, I’m English (yes, it’s a nationality as well as a language), and I live in a small town in northwest England with my wonderful wife Lynn and our crazy cairn terrier Jake.

I write about contrasts and opposites, like good versus evil and right versus wrong. My good guys are half bad and my bad guys are half good, pushed and pulled both ways along story lines that are split equally between denying truths and embracing lies. In the real world of my imagination, not everything is black and white. Sometimes it’s blood red.

My independently-published GABE QUINN THRILLERS have sold more than ⅓ million Kindle copies worldwide, and my traditionally-published stand-alones NO COMING BACK, BEFORE YOU LEAP and CRASH are hot on their heels.

For the last three years I’ve been an Amazon-invited author panelist at the London Book Fair, as well as a a guest speaker at various trade events including the Amazon Academy. Plus, I’ve held inspirational talks at my local college. I actively split infinitives all day long, boldly going wherever my imagination takes me. And when I’m not doing everything I can to distract myself from my writing, you can usually find me deconstructing everything I wrote the day before, or eating chocolate, or both.

My favourite band is Marillion (prog-rock) and my favourite author is Larry Niven (sci-fi). I like Italian food, first-person shooter video games, holidaying abroad, and daydreaming, which means my idea of heaven is sitting under a parasol on a beach in Florida, eating pizza while thinking about shooting zombies.

Our children are all grown up and flown the nest. They’ve all done well for themselves (thank goodness!) and have blessed us with four beautiful granddaughters, which makes me a much-in-demand grandpa. 🙂

My favourite film is Same Time, Next Year, closely followed by The Big Lebowski – both of which are excellent examples of pacy word craft, and I encourage any aspiring writers interested in honing their dialogue skills to check out the scripts.

A few little-known facts about me that really ought to stay hidden:

  • I held the high-jump record at school (1.76 metres / 5 feet 9 inches, aged 14).
  • I started my first novel when I was 13. It was called Hisk and it was a space opera epic (not!).
  • I completed my first full-length novel at age 18. It was called The Well Of Magic, and it was a sword and sorcery fantasy epic (not!).
  • I have written 3 comedy stage plays, one of which has been produced by a theatre company. It was called Spare Ribs and told the story of Adam and Eve from a Neil Simonesque perspective.
  • In the mid 2000’s I ran a worldwide online video game community with more than 1000 members. It was called Knights Of Freedom and focused on the games Halo and Battlefield 2. I gave it up to write Killing Hope.
  • I am completely blind in my right eye (no retina, since birth). I don’t see blackness with this eye. I see an absence of everything. Imagine trying to look out of the back of your head and that’s what I see: nothing! With just one working eye, it means I see the world in 2D and always have. I can’t judge distance and I bump into everything! So, if you see me going crosseyed on a photo or after a few beers, now you know why! 😉

These days, I am extremely lucky enough to be able to earn a living doing something I love, which is writing. It’s only taken me thirty years of relentless pursuit, 100 rejection slips and a receding hairline to get here.

Let’s see how long the journey lasts! 🙂


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