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Killing Hope

Gabe Quinn Thriller, Book 1

Book Cover: Killing Hope
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99
Pages: 520

A relentless killer seeking vengeance. A broken cop looking for redemption. Two lives on a collision course and barely a heartbeat between them.

Could you kill someone to save countless lives?

When homicide detective Gabe Quinn returns to the Los Angeles streets after the senseless murder of his wife Hope, he thinks he's fought off all the demons that life can throw his way. But his first case back may prove to be his last.

A repeat killer is in town, a killer who is on a personal mission to bring Gabe to his knees, luring him into a deadly game of cat and mouse.

With the body count rising and new killings popping up in Vegas, Gabe comes up against an FBI outfit eager to snatch the investigation away from him. But the killer hasn't finished playing with Gabe just yet. It's time to take the killings to the next level and make them even more personal. It's time to make Gabe pay for the mistakes of his past and choose between life and death . . .

One man stands in the way of countless deaths ...
One man will try to stop him ...
Only one will succeed ...