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My bestselling Gabe Quinn Thrillers are exclusive to Amazon, where they are available in print, as eBooks for the Kindle, and as audiobooks on Audible. More than 450,000 books and 13,000 audiobooks sold. — Click the links below to pick up your copies. This is also the place to get your copy of the 3rd Maggie Novak Thriller THE OTHER CHILD

The Other Child (Maggie Novak Thriller Book 3)

Killing Hope (Gabe Quinn Thriller Series Book 1)

Killing Hope – Audiobook at Audible

Killing Hope - Audiobook

Crossing Lines (Gabe Quinn Thriller Series Book 2)

Crossing Lines – Audiobook at Audible

Crossing Lines - Audiobook

Taking Liberty (Gabe Quinn Thriller Series Book 3)

Taking Liberty – Audiobook at Audible

Taking Liberty - Audiobook

Gabe Quinn Thrillers: Books 1, 2 & 3 Box Set (Kindle Unlimited)

Chasing Fame: A Gabe Quinn Prequel Novella