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Special Mentions in GQ3 …

Special Mentions to my Facebook Friends & Gabe Fans Worldwide

Over the last year, many of you have expressed your interest in my writing and Gabe Quinn by either subscribing to my site, by hooking up with me on Facebook, or through Goodreads.

Thank You!

Since then, a large number of you have become friends and die-hard supporters, ready to stand by my writing at the drop of a hat. To thank you for your faith and friendship, I’ve added the following list of names to the closing credits of GQ3, as my way of acknowledging your kindness.

I have tried to include everyone who has actively supported me this year. Some of you have only subscribed to my site using your first name – so if you don’t see yourself here and would like to be mentioned in the book, please send me an email with your full name and and I’ll be more than happy to add you.

Once again, thank you for the friendship you have shown me this year – it is sincerely appreciated – and long may it continue!

And don’t forget to keep an eye out for the release of GQ3 this coming weekend!

Best wishes,

Keith 🙂

Jackie Offen, Kerry Clifford, Gaye Croft, MeLissa B. Mattaliano Davidson, Steve Reninger, Patti Hammond Blask, Jen Rowedder, Charlotte Roys, Karen Smith, Lorna Donna Robinson, Brenda Rochefort, Sue Garner, Matty Matuk, Laurie Tucker, John Bent, Carol Lynn Chilton, Bev White-Billyard, Alfie Robins, Ann Shiel, Julie Hudic Yost, Kelli Woods Jameson, Sarah Kuesel, Jan Jessup, Kim Cooper Couling, Elaine Elliott, Henry C. Cocker, Jeri Carlino, Paul Dawson, Janice Mckenzie Houghton, Tracey McPhail, Mary Endersbe, Maryruth Barksdale, Candi Warner, Glenn Hillyard, Donna Galanti, Tasha Laro, Dee Tregaskis, Mag Minor, Richard Nuttall, Jim Rooney, Bec Weir-Stoddard, Kiana Griffin, Sandy Walden, Amber Colleen, Jennifer Ward Wright, Traci Cappiello, John Michalak, Denilee Dedek, Carol Covato, Alice Weissman, Andy Snelle, Bonnie Phillips, Cara Gilligan, Bill Tharp, Cathy Ball, Christina Hall, Darrel Smith, David Pownall, Debbie Sams, David Ingram, Diane Martin, Elsa Maroon, George Mackrill, Gloria Stein, Herbert Asherman, Ali Bambridge, Mary Connelly, J. Scott Sharp, Jack Everett, Jack Rearden, Jaime Tennille, James Columbo, Jim Dunn, Joanne Patterson, John Gregory, Julie D. Richards, Kathy Mason, Katie Janes, Kim Hennessy, Kristie Haigwood, Laina Tiller, Larry Teply, Laura Pulsifer, Len Bernstein, Leslie Skidmore, Lise Voigt, Lucille Young, Lyn Askew, Marilyn Chapman, Marilyn Petrie, Marilyn Royle, Melissa Etheridge, Michele Wesselman, Michelle Miller, Mike Gibbons, Mildred Drake, Naomi Buckley, Norma Pryor, Pamela Dalton, Paul Higginbottom, Penny Bolla, Pete Houghton, Phil Calkins, Phyllis Manning, Raymond McCullough, Robert Garr, Robyn Brown, Rosie Connolly, Russell Waters, Sarah Conway, Shannon Johnson, Sharon Pollock, Shiela Fabiano, Shiela Puckett, Sheri Bush, Stacey Gunkel, Steven Hardesty, Steven W. Dalton, Sue Bath, Sue Geibl, Theresa Gonzales, Tracey Baxter, Trish Arrowsmith, Vicky McCaffrey, Karen Charlton, Nick Quantrill, George Polley, Kathleen Hewtson, Jeanette France, John Holt, Christine Robitaille, Babs Morton, Missie Mauldin, Liz Hoban, William Stephen Taylor, Harry Dunn, Sara L. Wielenberg, Fabyan Kio BetRan, Neil Thom, Keith Nixon, Patricia Johnson Laster, Diane Chan, Markie Robinson, Iain Purdie, Cheryl Richmond, Michael Turashoff, Tmonique Stephens, Martin Cooper, Tammie Buel, Pilar Guillory, Valle Fregeolle, Diane Boyd, Kathleen Patel, Megan Thakkar, Ann Bailey, Dianne Hill, Angel Eicher, Holly Kobe, Emma Alston, Joni Harrison, Nancy Thomas, Frederick Falchook, Roger Scott, Kelly Thormodson, Emmy Swain, Billy McCoy, Shara Mcdonald, Jason Jones, Hadiyah Lysko, Alejandra Rivas, Beckey Delaney, Lisa Freeman, Jodi Eubanks, Eri Nelson, Marilou George, Julie Goldsmith, April Hanson, Walt Denman, Linda Moore, Megan Mason, Ashley Blake, Roxanne Smolen, Renee Blakely, Christy Kidd, Neha Sarode, Kathryn Davis, Roger Lansing, Tracy Manley Moore, Dianne Smith, Janet Whitney, KD Rush, Andy Knott, Mandy Rudd, Tamara Pomponio, Susan Lyons, Dana Gary, Joanne Salapatas, Peg Crippen, Lynette Barfield, John Paul Davis, Heather Carter, Joyce Kirschner, Vanessa Faurot, Diane Schultz, Robbie Revell. Teresa Lowe, Michelle Starns, Roy Jeffries, Melissa Vannoy, Ryan Cable, Darren Burton, Diane Mcdevitt, Jordanna East, Joyce Counter, Dana Cosgrove, Chris Kelly, Amy Metz, Adam Teague, Jennifer Combs, Abby Pudlewski, Kendra Peterson, Aly Attwood, Bette Kincaid, Lorna Major, Joyce Ann Nelson, Emma Glynn, Debbie Knight, Victoria L. Hauck, Sybil Anne Richardson Hadfield, Judy Graves Hayes, Rebecca Tibbs, Julia Barrand, Teri Williams, Adrrienne McIntosh, Ethel White-Ransted, Debbie Fowler, Beverly Hand, Tracey Mitchell, Nancy Grow Matteson, Abby Hand, Angel Gainey Eicher, Kathrynn Bell, Carol Curtis, Gary Curtis, Nancy Siegel Nasto, Helen Carroll, Ralphe Leboeuf, Char Markey, Becky Fitzgibbon, Kathy Ford, Sharon Murphy, Ian Bichara, Cheryl Cardwell-Brown … All my Family … and everyone else who has bought my books!!!

You guys rock!


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