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Spare Ribs

Genre: Comedy Stage Play | Acts: 2 | Scenes: 4 | Running Time: 2 Hours | Language: US English


Much to God’s despair, He has produced what he believed to be his ultimate creation: Man, only to find that the joys of parenting aren’t quite joyous. Had He known beforehand He would definitely have stuck with the chimps … instead of landing himself with a prime chump called Adam …

On call 24 hours a day to Adam’s demands, God has all but lost patience with the complaining Human and is beginning to wonder if He should start again from scratch, concentrating on the sloth instead.

Or He could give in to the Human’s demands and conjure up a life partner for the infernal complainer. At least that might get Adam off His back.

Surely nothing could go wrong with that?

Praise for the hit stage comedy of the year …

‘Spare Ribs is a gem of a comedy; snappy, clever and stylish – very much in the vein of Neil Simon …’

‘You asked for my honest opinion you will get it … You should have charged more! All very accomplished actors and very professional. So did I enjoy the show? Well the proof of the pudding is in the eating, not only am I not asking for my money back, I’ll even book my tickets now for the next show!’

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